Theme issue/bug

Hello there!

Some time ago I created a theme, where I used an image as the background for the :root. Now, loading the same theme (along with the png file) to the themes folder results in an error

(ERROR, HTTP) File not found: C:/Users/Manzark/open-stage-control-1.0.3-win32-x64/resources/app/assets/themes/wall.png

The path where I keep my OSC is simple: C:\Users\Manzark\OSC
The path in SCSS is relative (--color-background-image: url("wall.png");) so seems like it was compiled once and doesn’t change? I tried the absolute one (--color-background-image: url("C:\Users\Manzark\OSC\resources\app\assets\themes\wall.png");) and it didn’t change. When I edit the theme, it immediately updates.

Additionally, I get the

(ERROR, CLIENT) Uncaught Error: unknown format: 0
    at r (node_modules/chroma-js/chroma.js:1:0)
    at r (node_modules/chroma-js/chroma.js:1:0)
    at rgb (src/client/ui/scrollbar-color.js:21:61)

but this might be just something I messed up in my template. Any idea where to look? Don’t have any rgb() properties, most of the colouring is done using hsl().

Thanks for any help!

Urls in css files are resolved against app/assets/, not app/assets/themes/, url("themes/wall.png") should work.

I’ll add a step to resolve urls against the theme’s actual location too (not only in app/assets/themes/ but also for regular css theme files.

(ERROR, CLIENT) Uncaught Error: unknown format: 0

You probably have an invalid color value (0) in a widget’s property (one that starts with color), not in the css.

@jean-emmanuel, you’re a legend! All solved now!

As of v1.7.3, paths will not be resolved against app/assets/ anymore but against the theme’s location (app/assets/themes/ in your case), you’ll need to update your file.

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Got it, thanks!