Supporting PayPal icon

I don’t know if this is available but it will be nice if there was a tiny PayPal icon anywhere on the page
where people can click and donate.

Honestly, I’m not a Patreon guy because I don’t like a monthly payment and I don’t like to have my information all over the place. In fact, this platform is the only entity to which I decided to go on Patreon because I felt I don’t have any other choice and was so impressed by the way Jean was patiently showing and explaining AND providing the script - I couldn’t stay indifferent

PayPal allows me to send larger donations at a certain time when I have some extra $ without the monthly obligation that patreon is offering. I wish this can be added

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I’d rather keep things simple with a single place for donations. That being said it’s possible to make a one-time payment on Patreon by unsubscribing right after the first payment (no offense will be taken :slight_smile: ).

I completely understand that.
Just to share my thoughts of what i did:
Originally, I reached out to you pleading for a zoom meeting.
Little did i know how fast and efficient your replies are.
I truly feel as if you want to help in a comprehensive way: To guide, teach and most importantly, Solve the problem!
I feel as if we are having a “zoom” meeting already but only much better because everyone can benefit from your replies.

I was thinking to myself that if I was willing to pay you for your time, why don’t I just break it down to equivalent months in Patreon. I brooke down 100$ to 5 months of support (20$ a month)
This is as if I donated the 100$ I wanted but as a pateron

I’m not a rich person but I’m very appreciative to people who desire to help!
I will asses my finance after 5 months and if I can continue to support, I will