Solved: Tab Navigation on the bottom

To use the Tab navigation on the left side, i use verticalTabs "true"

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But if i like to have the Navigation on the bottom?
Is this possible? If yes, what is the syntax for?


would you mind upload minimal sessino json file to help us to understand what you mean ?

Edit : A few switches to navigate through one panel's tabs - #2 by jean-emmanuel

Something like this ?


But if i like to have the Navigation on the bottom?

It's possible using css, but I might replace the verticalTabs property with something like tabsAlignement to make it easier.

/* css property (with verticalTabs set to false) */
> inner {
  flex-direction: column-reverse;
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Here I have an example with the top and the left Navigation. (depends on whether the panel/panel style/verticalTabs is "true" or "false")
What I am looking for is the navigation at the bottom.

Here the session:
TabNavigationTopAndLeft.json (12.9 KB)

The solution can sometimes be so simple. Many thanks jean-emmanuel

Here i have the example in all 4 directions. I add the navigation on the right side with:

> inner {
  flex-direction: row-reverse;

Here is the session, if anybody like to have it:
TabNavigationTopBottomLeftRight.json (24.9 KB)

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in next release the verticalTabs property will be replaced with tabsPosition with native support for all 4 directions.

very handy !



That sound great... thank you jean-emmanuel