SOLVED: Different behavior when selecting tabs with script

I would like to switch tabs from different locations using the command

set("panel_root", 0)
set("panel_root", 1)

When I run this on my Apple computer in the OSC, the MAXIMIZE button switches to panel 1 and the MINIMIZE button switches back to panel 2, as it should.

When I do the same on the touchscreen, I always have to press the MAXIMIZE or MINIMIZE button twice to switch to the other panels. What am I doing wrong here?

Here touchscreen example as movie: (717.0 KB)

and here is my session:
load test.json (17.7 KB)

Looks like a little bug maybe, I'll investigate soon.

NIce... thanks you very much.

Good morning @jean-emmanuel

For your info...
A small detail, only from the third time I have to press twice on my touchscreen to switch to the other panel!

To look at:
1.) press Maximize 1x
2.) press Minimize 1x
3.) press Maximize 2x
4.) press Minimize 2x
5.) press Maximize 2x
and so on...

Fixed in sources (touch devices: touchend event not fired on elements removed/detached … · jean-emmanuel/open-stage-control@fae6448 · GitHub)

you are great... many thanks.

Is this already implemented in 1.24.1 or do i have to wait until 1.24.2?
Or how can I implement the source?

Better wait for 1.24.2, should be available within a few days :slight_smile:


Thanks... v1.24.2 works like expected.