Setting up 2 servers on one PC with 2 touchscreen displays

Hi, is there a possibility to run 2 OSC servers on one PC with 2 touchscreen displays?

I’m trying to configure a set up as follow:

PC running OSC (if possible 2 servers) controlling 2 Mac mini’s via RTPmidi
one Mac running Cubase 11 and VEP7 the other one ProTools.

One touchscreen controlling both DAW’s functions also articulation mapping in Cubase/VEP7 and
the second touchscreen with faders to control midi cc for example Expression, VelocityFX, Attack etc.


You can run two servers on the same system as long as you set a different port option for each.

It’s not necessary to run 2 servers however, multiple clients connected to a single server can very well load different sessions.

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