Set Multi XY min max

How would I go about setting the min max of the multi xy widget with OSC commands, i saw that I could do OSC{arguement} but that seems to cause an error and makes multiple lines rather than set the min / max.

Still a bit confused on how to set the value of the rangeX and rangeY min/max but im now able to get the values at least with @{multixy_1.rangeX.max} in a text widget. Still trying to figure out how to set the min and max however...

I think i figured it out. Using the custom variable syntax I set 2 custom variables for max X and max Y then set the onValue to setVar("multixy_1", "maxX", value) and it works.

Great, good job figuring this out :). Here are some alternative solutions (yours is perfectly fine) : Getting Maximum Range Value from QLab OSC