Set default properties for widgets (overflow and wrap)

I would like to change all my buttons wrap behaviour to "soft".

My theme file contains this minimal code for demonstration in this question.

	--alpha-fill-off: .25;
	line-height: normal;

My theme file is several 100 lines long, but until now I could still not figure out how to change the widget props that do not contain "auto".
overflow-wrap: break-word; or --wrap: (")soft(") did not work.
And I mean it makes sense, because how would I then overwrite these settings in the Editor ...

Could someone help me out please?
Have a lovely Sunday :slightly_smiling_face: :musical_note:

This should do:

.button-container label {
    white-space: pre-wrap;
    word-break: normal
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Thanks again for helping out!
For others who want to find their way or need some understanding:
I was looking at the wrong spot ...