Scrolling a page on raspberry stutters

Hi, When I want to scroll the attached json file page on an IOS device it does not smooth scrolling. Is this an ios behaviour or do I need to adjust something? I'm running Open Stage Control server on a Raspberry pi 4. When browsing on a Mac is scrolls fine.

See it in action:
temp.json (35.1 KB)

It's not the raspberry's fault, there might be a bug that occurs only on ios, I'll try to figure it out when I can.

Ok, thanks for your reply!

Any news on this one? Just curious...:wink:

Nope, the issue is still in my bookmarks so I'll get to it eventually but debugging on iOS is admittedly not my highest priority. By the way I forgot to ask on which version of iOS you encountered the issue ?

Ah, no problem. OSC works but it is somewhat annoying. I understand is has not the highest priority on your list. Btw my os version is 16.2