Scrolling a page on raspberry stutters

Hi, When I want to scroll the attached json file page on an IOS device it does not smooth scrolling. Is this an ios behaviour or do I need to adjust something? I'm running Open Stage Control server on a Raspberry pi 4. When browsing on a Mac is scrolls fine.

See it in action:
temp.json (35.1 KB)

It's not the raspberry's fault, there might be a bug that occurs only on ios, I'll try to figure it out when I can.

Ok, thanks for your reply!

Any news on this one? Just curious...:wink:

Nope, the issue is still in my bookmarks so I'll get to it eventually but debugging on iOS is admittedly not my highest priority. By the way I forgot to ask on which version of iOS you encountered the issue ?

Ah, no problem. OSC works but it is somewhat annoying. I understand is has not the highest priority on your list. Btw my os version is 16.2

I managed to mitigate the issue in upcoming release. The problem is related to the synchronization of scrollbars between clients and can be avoided entirely by setting the panel's bypass property to true (thus disabling sync).

That's great news! Thanks for solving this issue!