Problems updating buttons in the background

Is it a programming error or should my internet browser have different settings?
My Cubase workflow is:

  • Pressing the white "VISIBILITY" button and selecting orange "BRASS" for example.
  • Now I only see the brass instruments in Cubase. I can then try them out.
    But as soon as I press the white "ART" button, I switch to my existing articulations.

So far so good...

But now there are still empty colored buttons from the previous instrument.
I have to reload the browser, then it's ok again.

What am I doing wrong?

Here is my code for my 60 art buttons

				var artName = ''
				for (i = 1; i < 61; i++){
					var artName = (vepArticulations.articulation [codeFromCubase]['b' + i])
					if (artName.length > 0) {
						receive('/EDIT', 'b' + i, {visible: true}),
						receive('/EDIT', 'b' + i, {label: vepArticulations.articulation [codeFromCubase]['b' + i]})
					else {
						receive('/EDIT', 'b' + i, {visible: false}),
						receive('/EDIT', 'b' + i, {label: ''})

Hmmmmmm....looks strangely familiar. Just like the controller that was designed for me by JnB....but, I'm sure it's just coincidence.

I loved the design of JnB, it is logically laid out. But I don't need all these functions. The remote control of instruments in Vienna Ensemble Pro, that is the control of the CC's and microphones and the articulations are quite enough for me.
But of course it has to work.

Who is this JnB ?

I love the controller Jono programmed. But this has only been possible because Emanuel wrote the OSC and made it available to us. A big thank you...

Did you ever figure out the dynamic articulation switching on OSC?