Play sample client side

on a widget I have in the onCreate: = new Audio("penrose.wav")

in the onValue:

In firefox, it seems to create the audio element but does not get the file even if I give it an absolute path with
new Audio("file:///absolute_path_here/penrose.wav")

On chromium I get "Audio is not a constructor"

Thanks in advance for any help.

The client application doesn't support playing audio. It may work accidentally but it's not a feature should not be considered safe to use.

Ok. Thanks. I am still working on a metronome. The visuals metronome is working client side just fine, but now the ensemble is asking if I can add an audio click. I was hoping that I could avoid a slew of headphone cables coming from the soundcard of the server running the Supercollider app that is handling the OSC messages. I thought it would be cool if the performers just plugged into the headphones of their individual devices.