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Just sayin'... :sunglasses:

Hi Mr Cappello (French reference :blush:)

Just to add that for your acknowledge that in French there are spaces before and after the exclamation point.
So this is why I presume Jean-Emmanuel made this little error. But in English no space before.
Anyway as we say in France "tu chipotes sur des détails" in regards to the enormous work Jean-Emmanuel provides on this project for all of us.

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No offense taken. I often make the first mistake for the reason mentioned by @Greenman. The second one is a typo.

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To @Greenman (aka Night Lamp Bulb :bulb:)
I didn't know the "no space before exclamation point" French rule. Thanks for telling me!
Secondly, I'm not trying to rub the mistakes to anyone's face. I just thought that since there's a Site Feedback section, I can contribute at least with a couple corrections here and there.
Thirdly, who the frak is Mr. Capello?

To @jean-emmanuel
Thank you!

I don't translate afraid to make an error :blush:

Déjà de son vivant, et encore après sa mort, son nom est évoqué par antonomase pour qualifier un expert en bonne grammaire[17],[18], un « puits de science »[19], ou quelqu'un de professoral ou un tiers appelé en expert pour arbitrer un conflit portant notamment sur un fait de langue français[20].

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Sadly this is the opposite :wink:

I am pretty sure you can contribute on truely osc questions as you seem to master the beast. Newbies are always happy to get help.

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