Page doesn't render with v1.20.0 (RESOLVED)

Hi, I have a json file I've been running for the past couple of years, but it does not render in the browser under v1.20,0. I'm running headless using node on a Raspberry Pi 4. I've tried it using the sources from Git and also using the release zip file, same result in both. In the browser, all I see is a grey bar across the top of the page with a burger menu that does nothing, "Open Stage Control", and the version number. No 404s, all 200s. If I run with --debug, I can see that O-S-C is receiving all OSC messages that I send, with no indication of errors. I have attached a zip of the json file.

Thanks! (4.0 KB)

Very sorry! Apparently the problem was caused by the uBlock Origin browser extension. When I disabled it, my interface magically appeared! Problem solved.

Funny, I use uBlock as well and don't have this issue, YMMV I guess :slight_smile: