Multiple button activations - making the last button press deactivate all others

Hi Jean and community,

I've created a panel full of "press" type buttons. All these buttons are used as modifiers which work in combination with a rotary encoder, so the buttons themselves don't activate anything until the encoder is rotated clockwise or anticlockwise.

I'd like to be able to place my palm on the touch screen (which is un intentionally activating a few buttons at once) then touch the last button with my index finger and have it deactivate all the previous button presses and have only the index finger button output a value. Is that possible without too much work?

The quick alternative was for me to wear a cotton glove with the tip of the index finger cut off.

Thanks again for the help. :slight_smile:

Maybe disregard my question. It seems either the touch screen or windows will have limits to the amount of points making contact at once and at over 5 points things become glitchy. Looks like I'll need a glove.