Monitor midi messages


Is it possible to monitor midi messages in OSC? I would like to have a display showing my breath controller info from 0-127 in real time

Check debug in the server window

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If I understand correctly you want a visual feedback of an externel MIDI controller in OSC ? Assuming you already managed to connect the controller to OSC (the debug option mentioned by @Greenman can help verifying OSC is receiving the messages) you'll have to create a slider in your session with the following properties:

  • interaction: false since you don't need to interact with it
  • design: compact to give it an "indicator" feel
  • address: /control
  • preArgs: [1, 2] (channel 1, cc 2)
  • target: midi:device_name (where device_name depends on your server's midi config and should be connected the controller's ports)

Thank you very much. I’ll give that a try tonight