Midi Port not detected

Hi there.

I have loopmidi installed and a real Midi Port of my Fireface UCX.

When listing the midi devices:

0: UCX Midi Port 1 0
1: UCX Midi Port 2 1
2: loopMIDI 2
1: UCX Midi Port 1 1
2: UCX Midi Port 2 2
3: UCX Midi Port 1 3

I can’t use any UCX Port for midi.

How do i have to quote this to be useable ?
it just gives an error like this:

(ERROR) …midi: invalid options: USC Midi, Port

Tried these:
“UCX Midi Port 1”:0,1 sysex
“UCX Midi Port 1:0,1” sysex
“UCX Midi Port 1:0,1 sysex”

loopMIDI Port is working like expected…


“UCX Midi Port 1:0,1” sysex

This is the correct syntax but there is a little bug preventing names containing multiple spaces from being parsed correctly. Note that you can write anything in the “device_name” part (before the colon), it doesn’t have to match your device’s actual name (a shorter identifier may be easier to use).