Midi config preventing server start

If I enter something on the midi router config box (e.g. midi:0,1) I get the following error:

(ERROR, HTTP) Could not setup http server, maybe try a different port ?

With all settings empty the server starts and everything works.
Version is 1.11.1. I'm on 64-bit Windows.

Any help? Thanks!

The previous version doesn't do this, so I guess this is a bug introduced in the last version 1.11.1.
I just added a bug report at the github issue tracker.


Are you sure you have no others O-S-C windows still opened ?
In example you launch two times the O-S-C program ?



I don't think there are other instances open.
I just did the following:

  1. restart the computer;
  2. run open stage control 1.11.1
  3. get error on server start
  4. close the launcher window
  5. run open stage control 1.11.0
  6. server starts without errors (with the exact same config).

Could you redownload v1.11.1 and try again just in case something went wrong the first time.