Menu widget hover

Just installed a hannspree touchscreen on Windows 10 and playing with the new menu widget. With the mouse and the editor on, the menu sections have a focus highlight shade to their colour on mouse over. And if released on a section, this section is blue when the menu is activated the next time. But when using touch, this is absent. There is no hover effect. I haven’t added any values yet to the widgets, this is straight out of the box…

Edit: I just tried the online demo on my phone. There is also no indication of the menu sections when hovering (mousing over, touching over…sorry,im not sure of the terminology!) . I think it would be nice to have something to show the user what will be fired on release.

Thanks for the report, it was supposed to behave this way but it seems I’ve overlooked it ! Will fix in next release (edit: fixed in v0.49.1).