Make a panel scroll programmatically

I am trying, in v0, to have a panel scroll automatically, according to a fader value for instance.
I played a bit with the css but couldn’t find anything.

Did anybody tried that?

It’s not possible currently.

OK, thx for your reply.

Just so you know what I wanted to do with that, I would have liked to implement a kind of playhead following the time.

I already do that with a fader (you can see it in the video I posted to the ‘made with o-s-c’ subforum), but you cannot really ‘zoom’ into the view

I’m not sure to understand the zoom part. If it’s only about visualization, maybe that’s something you could do with svg.

if you imagine an horizontal fader as kind of timeline, it can be used to seek to a specific song postion for instance.

but if you want to ‘zoom’ into the song to be more precise, then you get scrollbars

yes svg is cool to display things but it can’t react to clicks… or maybe with a transparent x/y widget or this kind of hacks :wink:

I'd like to resurrect this FR...

I would love to be able to control the scroll position scroll in a session or in a panel.
Any plan for adding this feature ?

thanks for (re)considering this :pray:

wunderbar !