Looking for a samples player osc capable

Hi there,

I'm looking for a software in which you can set samples on a grid and then launch them and pause them then relaunch from this position. Ableton Live is not able to do that... It will restart the clip from the start.
The idea is to create an interface with o-s-c to handle this samples. It could be used as a quizz musical "app" ?
Some ideas ?


Hi. In Ableton if you need to continue playback from the place you pressed stop then you should press Shift+Space bar.
Cubase has a specific setting that allows you to set playback behavior after you press stop. Hope that helps

Nope shift + space bar stops all tracks. I just want to pause a sample then start from this position.

I meant after you pressed stop If you want to continue playback from current position then instead of space bar (as usual ) you hit Shift+Space bar. Works with both session and arrangement views. If you work with sampler inside the Ableton then you can map the beginning marker to adjust the position using any controller. Hope that hepls