Listen to Velocity of CC

Hi, I'm hoping to receive the values of the velocity down a CC pathway. This is for VU metering and apparently through Remotify you can receive the Vu Metering through Velocity on a CC pathway.

Is there a way to grab the values of the incoming Velocity and assign it to a fader?


A fader with

  • address: /control
  • preArgs: [CHANNEL_N, CC_N],
  • target: midi:port_name
  • range: {"min":0, "max": 127}

Should react to the values received on port port_name for CC number CC_N on channel CHANNEL_N (assuming midi is configured).

Ok amazing! Thank you! I'll give it a go! :slight_smile:

Hmm I think i'm doing exactly what you say but it just looks like receiving the CC value rather than the Velocity of CC value. Does this look right?

A control change has a channel number, a control change number and a value but no velocity, what are you refering to exactly ?

Thank you for trying to help. I don't think I am getting the help from Remotify I need to make this work. Thanks anyhow