Licensing/White label version....ugh capitalism

Hi Jean, I've been building a session file in conjunction with a remote script for Ableton over the past few years, and was wondering what your stance on selling templates is. I'd be curious if you'd be open to a packaged, white labeled application that auto loaded a specific template and a profit sharing situation. Just a thought..I've considered rebuilding what I've made in React Native, but it already works quite well within the OSC platform.

Open stage control is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3, which makes it illegal to distribute closed-source applications that contain a copy or a derivative of open stage control. Now as long as you comply with the terms of the license, there's nothing preventing you from selling something based on open stage control (basically, you must provide access to the program's sources and use a compatible license).

Session files, theme files and custom modules could be however distributed in a more proprietary fashion without legal issues, there's nothing preventing you from obfuscating your code or implementing licensing mechanisms there (no support from me to be expected on this matter though). @gidash's Flow works this way if I'm not mistaken.

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Thank you. I'm amazed at your level of dedication to this software. Thanks for creating such a wonderful platform.

Yes @jean-emmanuel is a true libriste !

This sounds really interesting. Love your software Jean.

Thanks for the kind words : )