LED Blinking in toggle


according to

i try to make a blinking led(type toggle), i copied in the css code from your example, when pushing the toggle no blinking is going on…
when investigating with F12 the style tag is starting with “@keyframes…”

/* To get the element’s classname, open the dev panel (F12) and look for it :wink:
class selektor “,led” seems to be ok to me …

thanks in advance for any help

This snippet is supposed to work on a “led” widget, not a “toggle” widget.

To be more specific, the class selector .led is wrong here because the toggle widget doesn’t contain any element with this class.

.toggle:after could do the job if you set the toggle’s led property to true.

thanks that is working great, i wondered that nobody else asked this question, would be nice on the example page, IMHO…

I’ve added a note in the linked post.

Hi @abstrus

it would be better to post the whole code working correctly for your toggle to help others to teach the tip.

I’m looking to blink toggles into a matrix… Seems to be another journey.

This sound a bit peremptory, besides the thread is 5 months old. This may help you : Changing icon on matrix wdget based on on/off

i didn’t want to sound peremptory… ok ok ok ok