Keyboard commands or keystrokes

I’ll look into some of those at some point, thanks. JS or python would be better then C++ in order to be cross platform.

Key commands are really essential for many uses, such as driving Dorico and other notational programs. in the meantime I will probably try to do it with OSCulator, but just looking into how to map all that is already making me dizzy.

Here is a proof-of-concept that should get you started :

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Would 100% love to see a keystroke send option.

Maybe this is something that be added as a payed for plugin ?


I stand by my previous statement. However I’m currently experimenting with the custom module’s ability to integrate node modules such as the one linked above. It’s likely to become possible as user extensions. I’m not doing paid plugins, only free & open source stuffs that come with no warranty :).

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I’ve tried your osc-keyboard app, fairly simple, and very easy to use. However, I cannot create more than 2 keys combination (it just doesn’t send anything) It’s somehow a limitation on my system, no clue why.

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The module is merely a wrapper for node-key-sender, the culprit may be there.

Yeah, I’ve spent an hour or two on GitHub last week, seems it’s a known bug for years. It seems it’s not supported anymore so, I’m scrolling npmjs looking for an alternative to node key sender.

Just wanna pitch in quickly that I found an application that solves the problem at least for us users on windows (it seems anyway).

I requires the application to be on focus to receive the keystroke. This mean the OSC UI can not run in the same computer, as Open Stage needs to be on focus to work.

Hi Jean. Did you get anywhere with this? Is it possible to natively send keystrokes using osc now?

No, my position hasn't changed.

Ok. I wondered about what you said earlier about user extensions and wondering if it were possible now. No worries and thanks again.

It is theoretically possible because you can now load node modules but it's not a core feature.

@Manaberry did you get anywhere with this? Or is there documentation for how I might try and do this?

I didn't try further nope.

shame, ok I guess I'll have to leave this then as I have no idea how to move forwards with this.

Hi, @Manaberry! Did you find an alternative to node key sender? I've found RobotJS and I'm trying it now.

I don’t really understand the core problem here - is it that you guys want/need to translate directly an OSC message to a keystroke?

I have workaround on this, if you can call it that - just set up a new virtual midi channel that you can direct midi to from OSC then I use


Set the incoming midi as sent from OSC and set up the key strokes to be used.

Works for me…

The problem with MIDIKey2Key (or Bome) is that it takes longer to link O-S-C buttons to keystrokes. The osc-keyboard project by @jean-emmanuel is the best suggestion so far. To program a button to generate a keystroke, you just need to type in the address box (if I understood correctly):
/keys alt tab