Insertion of unicode characters in text?


Is it possible to insert unicode characters in a text module?


I use Unicode characters in many places in my app. I've always just done a web search on the character I'm looking for, then copied and pasted into the editor. Occasionally I'll also do a manual edit of the session file. I enter them as html in widget styles and as key values for switches (I also use a few icons from Font Awesome and sometimes forget which non-ASCII are FA and which are Unicode).

Is that not working for you?

Can you give an example of the formatting you are using in a character chain? My attempts haven't succeeded so far.

This is from the values for a switch:

  "Off": 0,
  "∿": 1,
  "□": 2,
  "◿": 3,
  "◺": 4

This is from the html for a panel:
@{} (h s l α)

How do you insert them in your text in the first place? Copy-paste?

Hi @amundsen

An example with fontawesome (but maybe you know all of this :-))

tip : if you really want to use unicode code.

<i class="fa fa-home"></i>
<i class="fa">&#xf015;</i>

But as you, i can't find the way @erictheise uses to get right into the editor field of the switch.

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As I said earlier I just do a web search, then copy and paste from a website devoted to Unicode (usually or Depending on what I'm doing I'll either paste into the editor or manually edit the session file.

I understand, but what exactly do you copy and where?

ok i think i catch what @erictheise want us to do :slight_smile:

An example :

Then copy then into osc paste


pretty handy : Unicode Character Search


What I needed to know is how to insert the characters in a string. Why is the "^" character requested beforehand?

it's a convention set by @jean-emmanuel to use font-awesome into o-s-c.

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And it's not related to the use of unicode characters, which you can copy-paste using the keyboard shortcuts ctrl+c and ctrl+v @amundsen.

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