Image zoom viewer with fader and pad xy controlers

i'm trying to build a kind of "image viewer" for live scale and translation of a selected cue (video/image) in Qlab. I would love to know how to build a image zoom viewer to reflect the fader values (zoom) and the pad xy values (translation). At the moment i i have this:

the left image is a pad xy and the image at right is where i want "the zoom viewer". For better explanation i made a screen record of what i have done until now. In the video you will see the Qlab audition window where the values of live scale and translation have effect. in the image of the right i want to reproduce the same effect that in audition window but without know how to... Any point directions?

video screen recording of open stage control session:

the .json file
Qlab-imageViewer_v1.json (41.3 KB)