How to set canvas size to specific? (Android tablet)

Hi folks,

New user here, really amazing bit of software!

Quick question: I want to make an control surface that’ll only be used on one specific Android tablet, so i want to fix my “canvas” (is that the right word?) to exactly match my tablet’s screen.

Could anyone tell me how to do that?

I tried to use my tablets resolution as the root’s geometry, but the problem is that that’s (2048 x 1536) bigger than my PC screen size where i’m creating the surface (1920x1080)!.. so it looks massive and goes off-screen!

Is it possible to use a resolution like 2048 x 1536 but them zoom out in the editor, so it has more or less the actually size on screen that it would have on my tablet?



to set the size of your templates click on the “root” then in geometry set the width and height.
you can set the size to 100% in height and width so it will be responsive to the screen resolution.

you can zoom in the editor using the scroll of your mouse + ctrl.

hope it helps

Great, will try that!

Sorry, just one more quick one: how do you stop the area around a fader from being transparent? I just want to have a solid color, but want to have an image in the background, back no transparency on the fader…or maybe make it much less transparent, anyway…

That’s a way to do it, there is a little bug preventing the vertical scrollbar from appearing, but it’s fixed in the upcoming release.

Now, the things your tablets resolution as seen by open stage control is not 2048 x 1536 (even though that’s the screen’s resolution) :

TLDR; your tablet’s viewport size is 1024x768, using these values in the root’s geometry should do.

Note: fixed layout size won’t adapt if the device orientation changes, the only way to do that is to make your widgets responsive (

That’s also the default behavior when width and height are set to “auto”.

Either add a bit of css (see css background), or wrap the fader in a panel with a custom color in the colorBg property.

Thanks guys, just one more then i’ll leave you alone for today!

re: the RGB color pad: could anyone tell me: is there any way to just disable the x/y part of the whole thing and ONLY have the slider to the right (called the alpha slider?) output a value (between 0 and 1)?

You mean the “hue” slider ? If you’re only interested in a slider with that rainbowish background, you could use a fader widget and play with its gradient property: hue.json (2.3 KB)

Thanks man… ideally i’d like to use OStageC to control the color picker in Unreal Engine.

See video below!

Could you tell me?: what does the RGB picker output? 3 floats? How do i set that in the settings?

Never mind, i worked it out, see below!

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