How to receive OSC messages from external server

I have a server with uifm running and want to control some parameters via OSC.
At the moment I can control the server via openstagecontrol, but I don’t know how to receive any data from that server. I want to send and recall the state of the server e.g. for a mute, that every value is synchronized in both directions. How can I do that? I could’nt find a widget which receives OSC data from an external device.


Any widget will receive data from external devices if the external device sends its data to your o-s-c instance ip:port, with the correct OSC address

Thanks for the reply.
My message report says, that the connection to my tcp server is established.
My send and receive commands from the server are different. E.g. the adress for sending is ‘/setMasterMute’ and for receiving is ‘/getMasterMute’ (the server replys with the state (true/false) of the button).
Is there a chance to automatically check and load the states of my server when I start open stage control?

where is the documentation for this server?

I do not know it