How excatly can we modify the values in the "value" panel?

The "value" panel says it "Define the widget's value depending on other widget's values / properties"

So my questions are simple:

  1. How excatly can we change the wedgits currently value according to(no matter what)

  2. Can I use the wedgits own value to change it's own value?(like if I have a value1 in a switch, I don't want it to send the message of preArg[x, x, 1], instead, I want it to send the value of 7 whenever I hit the value1 button)

Here's a silly approach. It is wrong, I know it, but it kinda explain what I'm trying to acheive here :joy:

Oh I'm so so sorry

This is really a stupid question!

If I want value "7", I can just set the value to "7" in the "values" panel.... :joy:

I thought changing the number would make the order of my elements change too.

But now it seems that I can set whatever the value I want.