Fullscreen not working in iPadOS or iOS (Chrome and Safari)

As explained in title — have tried on iPad and iOS. Fullscreen option appears but no changes occur after selecting. Have tried asking Chrome to 'Request Desktop site' but this does not resolve the issue.


The doc says

The **client** is compatible with the following browsers:

* Firefox: version `75`
* Chromium / Chrome: version `60`

iOS devices must be of version `10.3` or higher.

What about your configuration ?

Edit : jean-emmanuel answer is the answer :slight_smile:

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On iOS you have to add the page to your home screen to be able to launch it in fullscreen. The fullscreen option in the menu is supposed to say that when regular fullscreen is not supported I'll try to get this sorted out.


That solved it! Thanks so much!

For anyone that's interested...

I'm using a 10 year old iPad, donated by a friend, and found an app in the app store called Full Screen Browser. It's tiny, simple, no nonsense and works like a charm. I had problems with Chrome and Firefox across a few devices. Only my Phone running Android 12 worked perfectly, but this app on an old iPad is just as good and responsive.

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