Forming OSC addresses and parents inheritance


This might be a noob questions:
I am aiming at making a sequencer with OSControl with several voices. Each voice would be contained in a panel PX. Each panel would host 32 sliders representing the notes ( S0 -> S31).
I would like the OSC messages sent by each slider SX to be like “/PX/SX value”.

Is there a way to inherit the parent address in OSControl? It seems that the “auto” option provides only a reference to the the widget name, ignoring the parent.

EDIT: Found a solution! In the field OSC-> Address :

Is there an elegant way of creating this bunch of widgets with the copy/paste function without editing every single widget? ( Already, the incremental paste is a plus !)

Many thanks for your help.

You could write something like this if the fader must inherit its direct parent’s address : @{parent.address}/SX

Thank you a lot Jean-Emmanuel, found a solution in the meantime and edited my post.
Hope this helps other.

Using clones or a matrix of clones can be a powerful alternative to copy-pasting, check out clones_and_variables.json here.