[Feature Request] : Password widget protection

Hi @jean-emmanuel,

I constantly share my OSC template to multiple people around my area to test it, receive feedbacks on bugs or what could be improved further.

So, I was wondering if it would be possible to add an option on any selected widget (and even all at once) to protect it with a password in order to avoid anyone from changing any written script ?

The way I imagine it is something like this:
When a widget is protected with a password and when someone wants to modify it, a little window pops up asking for a password while the protected widget becomes blurry.

In the end, I would have for instance a set password for a button, another one for a switch, another one for a matrix etc...

I'm not sure how useful that would be for everyone else but I would personally really benefit from it.


I'm not in favor of such a feature as I don't think I can provide a reliable of to do it because the session files are clear json anyway, easely editable by hand. Besides I'm not very interested in implementing ways to make closed-source materials in o-s-c.

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Yes I was thinking that you would surely like to keep OSC open which is pretty nice !

What if instead of implementing a password you would put a simple lock on the selected widget or via the project tree ?

The goal would be to avoid any unwanted changes while coding multiple widgets or locking the position of widgets accidentally.

The read-only is kind of doing that already as it's preventing us to change anything.

Anyway, just a little brainstorming :slight_smile:


Yeah, a "lock" property toggle in the first section of the widget inspector could be a good compromise :).

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A lock function would be excellent. For example, its very easy for people to go into the editor and change what they what but then they've had an accidental few beers and accidentally nudged some panel or added a comma and the whole world comes crashing down when figuring out what happened the "night before" :joy: