Feature Request: automap MIDI devices to the launcher's configuration form

Hi there!

Say you have these ports declared in the midi field of the launcher's configuration form (screenshot below). If by mistake you deactivate/disconnect "IAC SKiano-A", then the succeeding devices will be assigned to different inputs and outputs, forcing the user to update the midi field.
I was thinking about some setting that the user can make in order to keep say "IAC SKiano-B" (the device with this name) always on "2,2" (input 2, output 2). But only in the midi field.


Just sayin'... :innocent:

If I were to create a script (in English) it would sound like this:

  1. Search the console for the "IAC SKiano-B" MIDI device.
  2. Retrieve output and input port numbers.
  3. Search the midi field for the same device.
  4. Replace the currently assigned ports with the ones in the console.

I hope I've used the right terminology.

You can connect to midi ports by their name in o-s-c (see docs). For example:


Will create "myport" and connect it to input "IAC SKiano-A" and output "IAC SKiano-A".

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