Feature : reorder the style panel?

Hi @jean-emmanuel

When clicking on style, i would prefer to get the widget specific Style (Panel Style or Button style) to be displayed before the style part.

What do you think and others think about that ?



Toujours pas envisagé pourtant ce serait bien pratique :slight_smile:

Sorry for the lack of response. I think that's an answer to a personal taste but hardly an actual ergonomy improvement. Such a change would likely confuse many other users and that's why I'm not in favor of it.
I'm aware the current situation is not ideal given the high number of properties but so far I haven't found a satisfying alternative.

No problem for the lack of response :slight_smile:

Not so certain, can we organize a poll ? :slight_smile:

but i do understand is not easy to set a perfect user interface.

You can create a poll by clicking on the wheel menu in the redaction form.

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