Error: Could not create config folder

I have a good working setup. However at startup I get the following error:

Now I have checked and the folder is indeed present. I have also tried to start the node as root (SUDO). But the error keeps coming.

As said, everything works properly. But I would still like to not see this error during startup.

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It seems you are running o-s-c as root (which I don’t recommend, it’d be better to run it with simple user privileges), the folder you checked in your 2nd screenshot is not the same as the one that’s missing.

So ive we extract the node-zip.file in a Documents directory and start the command from these location it will be work.?

I think we did these right now. But I am not sure I wil take a look tommorow.

The issue here is that you are running the startup command with the root user while the .config directory only exists for the user pi, you should replace your startup command with something like:

su pi -c node .../app [options]

If you really want to run it as root (not recommended), make sure the /root/.config/ folder exists.

Oke Ive found the sollutions. For some reason rc.local give some issues.

Ive use now crontab as a autorstart application whit these command:
@reboot sudo node …/app [options]

Start crontab as a root sudo crontab -e otherwhise it while not start on a reboot.

Fore the beginners like me :slight_smile: More info about crontab you while found here

These works fine.