Dynamic Articulation Switching

Hi, Can someone explain to me how people are getting keyswitches showing up on track selection in cubase?

Also how are some able to display articulation based on longs, shorts and FX in separate columns?

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What do you mean exactly?

In separate columns or rows?

I’ve looked at Joni’s template and he has articulations sorted by longs, shorts and fx like in this picture

Picture not clear enough...

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Ok, so I think I'm beginning to understand what you mean.

I believe that this Joni that you're talking about uses a Mackie remote to send selected track information to O-S-C.

Example (notice the name of different tracks appear in the header—proof that name of tracks can be sent through MIDI).


I don't know exactly how this information gets sent through MIDI to O-S-C (when you select a track) or how you could implement this Mackie session fragment in your own O-S-C session ("template"), but based on this information (e. g. name of the selected track), you can create IF statements to show different UI elements in O-S-C.

If statement example (not javascript):

if name of track contains "Spitfire" then
activate UI setting 1
show no elements in the three columns

About the second question, all I can say is that articulations need to be manually created and mapped. There's no way to send available articulations (for a MIDI track) to the outside world. You need to create the connections yourself. Track this topic, in case such a feature has been added without me knowing about it.

Maybe could create an articulation database in O-S-C and based on the selected track, have the corresponding articulations show up in the right column...

Sorry I couldn't give you more information...

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