Drawing lines and organizing a structured layout on a button?

Hello, I would like to display some kind of table containing symbols in a series of buttons. As there are 200 buttons, I would like to avoid using pictures and rather use fonts with symbols.

  1. Is it possible to draw lines in a button to create four corners and have a one-letter text in each corner as in the picture?
  2. How do you organize a layout with the embedded font-awesome? I cannot have the characters displayed over several rows.

Thank you.


canva may answers your needs.

You can insert arbitrary html in a button widget and style it with css, so it should be possible but there's no pre-defined function for this.

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I agree that canvas makes sense but prototyping with the old skool <table> element and border-style might be a quick way to get started, too.

This use might even satisfy the strict semanticists.

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