Device Listing in Windows 10 not working

I installed a blank Win 10 server. Installed all Pyhton, rtmidi package, rtpmidi. etc.
Within Open Stage Control no midi devices are listed!
Can anyone help me to sort this out?

hi, i am not on windows 10, but have you seen this thread ?

Did you install v48.0 very shortly after it was released ? In that case, you might have an unpatched version installed (with a bug breaking the midi device list feature).

Hi Jean-Emmanuel, thank you so much for helping me. I really appreciate your efforts.
Well, I simply don’t know!
I didn’t noticed a v0.48.1 version after patching v0.48.0. Am I right?
Do you think I should download v0.48.0 again?

Many thanks for reaching out.


Abstrus, thank you for reaching out. I really appreciate reaching out.
No, I didn’t install your suggestion.
Jean-Emmanuel pointed me to download v048.0 again(?) He told me immediately after realse he patched the version (?)
I would expect a version v0.48.1 after patching. But anyhow today I downloaded v0.48.0 again and deinstalled the current version. It didn’t solve the problem. MIdi devices are not listed on a Windows 10 64 bit Machine!!



Can you upload a screenshot of your o-s-c launcher window ?
Did you install python package python-rtmidi and not rtmidi ? These are 2 different packages and the first one is the only one that works. If you have the latter installed for some reason (it’s been used in o-s-c for some time before I switched to python-rtmidi), try uninstalling it (something like pip uninstall rtmidi).

Hi jean-emmanuel. Excuse me for my delayed reply. There were some other priorities. :wink:

Thank you for helping me.

Greetz RoWi

Hi Jean-emmanuel.

My second screenshot:


As you can see I installed python-rtmidi.

Greetz RoWi

Thanks. Could you try running o-s-c from a terminal report the output ?

cd C:\Path\to\open-stage-control
open-stage-control.exe --midi list

Hi Jean-emmanuel.

See screenshot:

greetz RoWi

And this ?

python3 C:\Path\to\open-stage-control\open-stage-control\resources\app\server\python\ 
# or
python C:\Path\to\open-stage-control\open-stage-control\resources\app\server\python\ 

Hi Jean-emmanuel.

see screenshot for command result:

As you can see there are no midi devices available. (?)

See next reply for screenshot.

Greetz RoWi

I am using an iConnectMIDI4. This device supports midi over ethernet.

See screenshot:


See next reply for for master screenshot on my master computer.


Hi Jean-emmanuel.

See screenshot rtp-midi on master computer. To my opinion there is a midi connection available. Am I right?


greetz RoWi

Ok so your midi port is not recognized for some reason. Do you have a regular usb midi device that you could connect to the computer and check if it appears in the list (running the python command direcly) ?

Hi Jean-emmanuel.

Today I installed Midi OX on my slave computer. MidiOx does not recognize a midi device as well. So to my opinion this is a Windows 10 problem. I searched the internet and read lots of problems about this issue.
Even LoopBe30 virtual midi channels (on win10) are not recognized by MidiOX (on Win10).
On my master computer(Win7) everything is working just fine. No problems on Win 7 Ultimate.
So what to do next? Still hoping you’ve a spendid idea :wink:
In case I find a solution I will let you know.
Have a nice weekend.

greetz RoWi

Hi Jean-Emmanuel.

Today My OpenStage Control Win 10 problem has been solved!!!

Cause: Windows Remote Desktop feature!!!

As I have my Server (Slave computer, VEPRO 7) in a dedicated server room I used Windows Remote Desktop feature to manage the slave computer.
Via Remote Desktop a Midi Device listing (OpenStage Control) command (right click) does not work! Python commands do not work either.

First I closed my Remote Desktop session.

I attached a display, keyboard and mouse to my slave computer and applied a right click on OpenStage Control and selected to list midi devices.

All midi devices were listed!!!
Python commands are working.

So now I edited the midi section in OpenStage Control and created a “button”.

Everything works as expected !!!

I locked the user and next I opened a Remote Desktop session again.
I pressed the “button” in a browser on my Master Computer.
OpenStage Control generates a hugh ammount of errors. So I concluded Remote Desktop messes up Open Stage Control.

Now I choose TeamViewer as a remote desktop manager.

Conclusion: No problems anymore.

This “no listing of midi devices in OpenStage Control” issue, engaged me for a week to tackle the problem. I never thought Remote Desktop is the cause for no midi device listing in OpenStage Control.

So Jean Emmanuel: Thank you so much for your efforts to help me solve te problem.

Take this as a good advice.

Do NOT use Remote Desktop to manage a remote computer on your dedicated subnet! Especially in the case you are working with OpenStage Control.

I am a happy guy again.
Have a nice weekend

Greetz. RoWi

Great news !!

OpenStage Control generates a hugh ammount of errors. So I concluded Remote Desktop messes up Open Stage Control.

Just out of curiosity, would you mind pasting the errors here ?

Hi Jean Emmanuel.

Of course!

I will do that tomorrow for you!

I guess you use a touch screen. What kind touchscreen do you use? How does your touchscreen connect to your openstage server?



Hi Jean-Emmanuel.

You requested an error listing screenshot in case Windows Remote Desktop is being used.OpenStage%20Control%20Remote%20Desktop%20errors

My workflow:

I used Teamviewer to start up OpenStage Controller.
Next I closed Teamviewer.
On my mastercomputer I started MidiOx to check the midi signals being send by OpenStage Controller via rtpMidi.
I used Google Chrome for connecting to OpenStage Controller.
I created a push button.
I used Remote Desktop to check for errors in OpenStage.

Pushing the button results in an Error listing. See screenshot.
In MIDI-OX normally I shoud see just a Note On and Note Off midi signal.
In case Remote Desktop is activated is see a bunch of All Notes Off signals on all Midi channels. This screenshot is attached in my next reply. (As a new member I can only send one image per reply.)

The error listing is not as huge as I thought. :wink:
Have a nice weekend.

Greetz, RoWi