Deadzone on controls

Hi, I'm having this problem where dragging any control incurs a deadzone. It takes a bit of time from the moment my finger touches the control to when the control will actually move as you can see in this video clip I recorded:

The curious thing is that a couple days ago while chatting to a friend about it and wanting to show him the problem it didn't behave this way. It immediately moved the control, which was baffling to me. I thought for the longest time this is just a Windows issue, hardcoded in their touch implementation, something you can never change. But on that day something made it possible for me to move the knob and have it immediately react.

So I went and tested some other programs I've got installed to see if their touch implementations have this same behavior of controls having a "deadzone" before they start moving. They do not, there's no jumping to a value. As soon as I start moving my finger the control starts moving, just like o-s-c behaved a couple days ago.

Any ideas? Is anyone else experiencing this same issue?

Is it happening only with that particular session or does it occur with a blank session containing just one knob widget ? Just in case make sure you're using the latest version available.

Also in a blank session. Hold on I'll check with the latest version just in case.

I just reproduced the issue actually... looking into it.

Yep, same here on the latest version. Glad you can reproduce it.

Found and fixed !

Great! Thanks for being so quick, I can't believe it.

You're welcome, v1.15.3 is now available.