Custom widgets?

Is there any plan to support custom widgets? I mean a mechanism to extend the Widget class and register custom widgets from, e.g., the custom module or something similar?

It would be great to have the ability to draw custom Canvas / Pad widgets.

Something like a canvas widget would be nice, but I don't know when it's gonna happen.

There's a new feature in the upcoming release that will provide some kind of custom widget creation : it will allow exporting a widget as a separate file which a new widget called "fragment" will be able to load while overriding its properties if needed (just like a clone widget but replicating a fragment file instead of a widget).

I've seen it in your latest commits but it's not clear to me what use cases can be covered with fragments. I will wait to read any documentation about them (next release?).

You could create a component made of multiple widgets in a container . Check the clones_and_variables example here, it's the same pattern but the source widget would lie in a file.

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