Custom module, how to set type tag to integer?

trying to write a custom module to communicate with my alsa osc server (very early stage of development tho...).
How can I send a message from a custom module with an integer arg in it? Currently all messages have numbers as floats in there, which does not make much sense as an ID to an alsa card... My search so far has not brought any light on this...

I tried to parse the value to int (parseInt), but it's still a number and send as a float. I can set a typeTag on a widget, but how do I do that in custom module code?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

send('', 5555, '/address', {type: 'i', value: 1})

Will send 1 as an integer to port 5555.

Thank you!!! Did I miss that is the documentation?

Here : Custom module - Open Stage Control

Indeed I missed it... Thanks for your awesome support!