Connecting to Raspberry Pi 3 B directly (adhoc? bluetooth? Raspi router?)

Hi all,

I have to say that although I have dabbled with Linux on and off along the years, I’m still a complete newbie when it comes to setting up stuff, however, after a lot of frustration, I got the Open Stage Control to run on Raspberry Pi 3 from source as the provided ARM7 .deb file would not install flagging an incompatible processor architecture error.

What I’m trying to do is to use the Raspi as a midi hub to send micro-tuning setup messages to keyboard workstations connected via USB. Each keyboard uses a different Sysx to do that so the messages need to be tailored specifically for each one. The setup is to be used in a live performance thus it should be as reliable as possible.

OSCtrl is my front end of choice to control the underlying engine (Probably a python script, but still investigating other options), it has everything I need and will save me a few bucks not needing a dedicated touchscreen for the Raspi if was able to connect my smartphone to it.

With all that said, I am trying to find a way to directly connect my phone to the Raspi running a headless instance of OSCtrl and for it to be as automatic as possible.

I tried using my phone as a hotspot and connect the Raspi to it then using the IP address that is assigned by the phone to connect to the OSC server. This worked perfectly except for its inconvenience. Android phones would show the connected device’s IP address but I couldn’t find that on the iPhone, which will force me to dig that up from the Raspi itself and that is not an option for a headless solution, besides it’s not an elegant solution anyway.

My ultimate goal is to make the Raspi broadcast its existence via Wifi or Bluetooth, securely connect to it preferably with a pass key, and to use a name address like “app.raspi.local” to connect the phone to to Open Stage Control rather than an ip address if possible.

Any hints are much appreciated and sorry for the long winded question :slight_smile:

This is very likely to be possible but you might want to ask on a rpi/linux/network-dedicated forum to get a proper answer.