Commands not acting properly all of the sudden

My commands when the are triggered from OSC to cubase on my mac. started behaving bad.

for instance i have a macro set to duplicate Track without data. it used to work perfectly however when it is triggered from OSC it's. not working correctly. (It used to)
when i run the macro locally it does work fine. Also when i trigger my Command for inserting retro midi in cubase the midi is getting inserted 2 times. It seems there is something causing dble insertion of commands

help please?

i have video but can't attach

Did you change the version of open stage control ? If not then it's more likely to be a config issue than a bug. It's hard to tell without knowing exactly what changed (not only in open stage control) between the working setup and the non working one.

i'm not sure what happened . yes not a bug. it must be configure issue on computer with network. but not sure what went wrong suddenly

also on keyboard widgets... The notes are sticking. i have to do midi reset.

These Pics show my Driver settings in OSC. 3. is Mac Mini session driver for OSC Commmands
and NET INST is driver for midi in OSC.

The other pics are netork midi set up on both computers.

Why run open stage control on a different computer ? You could run it on the system that runs your DAW and avoid sending midi through the network. On mac you can create virtual midi ports directly in open stage control (name:virtual instead of name:3,3 for example), this would simplify your setup as well.

because i have large dell touch screen and no more inputs on master computer for it. plus im already hitting computer hard with large composer templates..

but i can't figure out why this behavior started. any help would be appreciated..

Running only the server (with no-gui set) on the master is really not cpu expensive, it will just make the setup simpler. You'd be able then to connect with the other computer with a browser as client.

I'm suggesting this also because it may avoid midi routing issues that cubase user seem to have frequently with generic remotes.

thanks. I'm not sure i understand this. are there instructions somewhere how to set that up?
Thank You

Assuming computers A and B are on the same network:

  1. computer A: run open stage control with
    • no-gui to true (disables the default client, since we want to have it on computer B)
    • midi to name_a:virtual name_b:virtual (creates two midi virtual ports that can be connected directly in cubase, replace name_a with whatever name you want, you'll use that name in the widget's target, you may not need multiple ports, it's just an example)
    • load to the location of your session file
    • instance-name can be left empty, port too unless you're having an error.
  2. computer B: launch firefox or chrome and browse to the app's url (it's printed in the launcher's console on computer A when the server is started)