Chord sequencer timeline with Frame / HTML + JavaScript & CSS3?

Hi there,

thinking about, if something awesome could be possible with Open-Stage-Control … most probably with the frame or html widget and “some” JavaScript & CSS3.

I would call it a “chord sequencer timeline” – something like the Session Band app has implemented on iOS, which is most easily explained by watching just the first minute in this how-to video :

The crucial feature I think is the “sequencer timeline” itself – what is put in there and how is matter of buttons and JavaScripts … but this horizontal timeline with in-built sequencer logic (thinking in measures and beats), scroll behavior and most pretty touch support (for scaling and edit functions) is THE THING that I think of is a challenge, if even possible.

On the other side – there are tons of JavaScipt Libraries out there, so I think in general the technology for implementing this should be at our fingertips :wink: … but the main question is, to which degree can I, on a user level (not as a widget inside open-stage-control core), by means of the frame & html widgets and JavaScript + CSS3 support inside Open-Stage-Control use JavaScript & CCS3 goodness and libraries that otherwise are used in “normal websites”?

… and thanks for this awesome tool that is open-stage-control already … love it!


I agree it could be useful to have control on the scroll offset of panels and other widgets (see my question here: Make a panel scroll programmatically)

@cyberic … thanks for your reply - I read the thread and I see we are looking for something similar … timelime & zoom are essentials for having control over a song in DAW, right :wink:, if you want to do whatever sophisticated from the remote surface.

Would be great if this will be possible in the near future.

But beside that – is there are still valid source (v0.x versus v1.0) what is possible (and what restrictions exists) with the frame & html widgets and JavaScript inside (on a user level) open-stage-control.

I saw this in the docs (, but its just about data processing flowing into open-stage-control, no UI interaction or embedding.

Something like an overview how to get started … what to be aware of (limitations and boundaries) and maybe some examples would be great.