Can I send the messages every 0.1s?

Hey guys!

I have some articulation switches here, and I noticed that if I'm to record it in the track perfectly, I have to keep sending the cc messages for that articulation(so that it'll overwrite whatever cc value I previously recorded).

I tried using the "while" code for it, turns out it's really a stupid idea, it just blew up my whole wifi and I needed to reboot my router :joy:.

I know there is "setTimeout" and "Promises" in java, but how excatly do I setTimeout in a "while" code?

Hey Barry,
What is your DAW?
So, you're using CCs do change articulation?
Just trying to understand the situation, because having to send MIDI constantly doesn't seem to be an efficient way of working for me.
PS: gonna try to answer your other question about the switch when I have the time. Too busy these days.

Hi Clelson,
I'm using Cubase.
The reason why I'm using cc to change articulations, is because it'll look cleaner and I woudn't worry about the keyswitch notes if I need to export my midi notes to sibelius. :grin:
I've already solved the switch problem! I just simply deleted those "synch: false" codes, and then it works! tho I don't know the theory behind it :joy:
Thank you again for your brilliant idea and codes for storing data between different instruments :face_holding_back_tears: :face_holding_back_tears:

Keyswitch certainly won't have the problem of "sending messages in every 0.1s".
But if I want to record a new keyswitch information, I still need to think of a way to remove the previous keyswitch note.
As for cc informations, I'll certainly overwrite the old cc information by keep sending the same message.

Oh, I'm a Cubaser too. So, maybe it's the case to have a Project Logical Editor command to clear the CC lane from cursor position, so you can send the CC only once and it'll work.
Another approach is using Expression Maps.


I get what you mean, but I don't know how to use PLE to clear the cc lane from cursor position..(can't find "cursor position")

And expression maps are great! I use them alot! But it'll be impossible for me to switch between articulations using osc if I'm using expression maps in cubase