Can I customize the value of button(On for certain value/Off for another certain value)?

Hey guys!

I have a button here, and it's sending chanel1, cc 58, with the value of 1&0.

The thing is, I want it to send other values instead of 1&0.

I've searched in the forum.... but the closiest thing I can get is this:

But when I'm using this method.....First, the address is never correct(I want "/control"), but it just keep sending the id of the script as the address...

Second, the values aren't correct either...

So is there a simpler way to acheive what I want here?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Barry!
Don't know if I'm understanding correctly your question, but the on/off values can be changed in the button on/ff settings tab. No need for a script It comes as default as 1/0 but you can change it for whatever you want (eg: 127/0).
Does this help with your issue?

Oh yes!!!

I've overlooked that tab!!!

It's so easy to do this

Thank you!! LOL :joy: