Autostart Open Stage Control

What is the best way to create a autostart on the Raspberry Pi. Whe use the Node installation.

Im not a programmer so these is al new stuff for mij :slight_smile:

Well it might be worth asking this on a RPI forum I think :wink:

as o-s-c can run on a node mode (right ?)
maybe try this
and adapt it.
I don’t have tested it.

Oke Ive found the sollutions. For some reason rc.local give some issues.

Ive use now crontab as a autorstart application whit these command:
@reboot sudo node …/app [options]

Start crontab as a root sudo crontab -e otherwhise it while not start on a reboot.

Fore the beginners like me :slight_smile: More info about crontab you while found here

Dexter Industries

Tutorial - Auto Run Python programs on the Raspberry Pi

A step by step Tutorial for how to Auto Run Python programs on the Raspberry Pi.

These works fine.

Pretty old post but I use pm2 on my pi to control Open Stage. You can start/stop multiple instances of OSC of you want. Also they have the ability to remote check if de the app is still running

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