Assets folder bug maybe?


Is it not possible to have your own folder named assets ?

Currently, I have a folder saved on dropbox which hosts all my files for OSC. I have the main.js & main.json for my OSC templates. In the root of this, I have a folder assets in which I liked to save my assets, images, etc. However, inside the OSC client, if you reference images from assets using relative pathing, it won't find the image. It is instead pointing to the OSC install folder named assets at resources > app > assets.

For now, I'm using _assets in my own folder to differentiate the two, but is this a bug or intended? Can we not have folders named the same as those who live in the resources > app folder?


No its not possible unless I change how o-s-c accesses these folders, I'll try to think of a way to solve this.

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