Toggle Button syntax

Is there a way to make a toggle button send 2 different commands, one upon activation, one upon release?
Can I add a $ variable within the address field with the toggle button? And if so, how would I define those variables?

You could define its address as follow:

@{this} == 1 ? "/address_1" : "/address_2"

Or you could use a custom module to route your osc messages:

module.exports = {

        // Filter outgoing osc messages

        var {address, args, host, port} = data

        if (address === '/toggle_address') {
            address = args[0].value === 1 ? '/address_1' : '/address_2'

        // return data if you want the message to be and sent
        return {address, args, host, port}

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it’s working on toggle down, but does not send the message on toggle up.
I’m pretty new to scripting, is there something i’m missing?

Figured it out!
Turns out CasparCG needs >1 in the Data1 field of the message.
changing on=1 and off=2 worked
Edit: additionally, Prearg can be set to ‘1’ and values can be set to anything

Could you post a screenshot or be more precise for people to learn about your experience.

What is CasparCG ?


Of course!

CasparCG is a graphics and video playout platform used by studios, TV stations, production houses, and VJs around the world for mediaplayout and broadcast computer graphics.
You’re able to load media files, PSD/flash/html templates, images, and more and have things played out over audio devices, SDI playout cards, and NDI.
You can learn more about it here

I’ve attached a relevant screenshot that depicts how I set it up to play and stop a media file, using OSC Monitor to check and echo the message.

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