MIDI package detection


I am trying to install midi functionality with OSC but am running into this problem.
Does either package need to be placed somewhere for OSC to detect rtMIDI?


There shouldn’t be any additional step, however your python-rtmidi version is unusual, can you run pip install python-rtimidi --upgrade to get the latest stable release and try again ?


Got it to detect, the way RTM needs to be installed is kinda funky, I’m planning on writing a short guide on Midi once i get everything figured out myself.
For now, I’m getting this error.



Can you list your midi ports to the console?




And what are your midi settings?


Your logs indicate a malformed target, you are supposed to define the widget’s target to "midi:NAME" where NAME is the name defined in the server’s midi option (see @GeneralMidi’s comment), not the actual port’s name from the port lists.

Got it to detect, the way RTM needs to be installed is kinda funky,

Did you have to navigate in a particular folder before installing the library to make it work ? It might be a typical windows problem I could mention in the docs if that’s the case.


I had no problems installing and I’m on Windows. Others have confirmed also it works with no problems. Perhaps follow this guide :



Please note that this tutorial is not up to date, the Visual C++ build tools parts is not necessary anymore.


Yes sorry. I meant to say check the very last post on page 7