Examples including the script widget?



I am interested in the script widget. Is there any example of code available?


Are you talking about the new JS{{}} feature? There is an example here:

I would also be interested in some examples of how to use this effectively.


Actually I am interested in any use of the script widget (see in the list of widgets in the documentation), and also in the new JS too. Thank you for the link!


Jean-emmanuel does have a FAQ & tips section on github https://github.com/jean-emmanuel/open-stage-control/issues/152 and this is very useful. But I am wondering if it’s possible to have more examples in the docs. For non-coders like myself, some examples would be really helpful.

As far as the script widget, there’s an interesting dialogue here about it https://github.com/jean-emmanuel/open-stage-control/issues/355

I’m not an expert, but could it be that with the custom module and the new JS {{}} feature, the script widget is no longer useful?


I haven’t seen many usages of the script widget out there. The thing is this widget can be handy for hacking around a little but eventually when it gets complex writing a custom module does a better job.

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